Clothing as Art

For millennia, art has been seen as visual expression primarily in the form of sculpture and painting. The modern era seems to see art coexisting and inside of photography and music, etc. The clothing industry as it stands does have very talented designers who put emotion and precision into each piece they create. However, the more mass produced and profit-hungry brands of today seem not to be concerned with the platform they are creating upon, but more with exponential growth. It is important, I believe, that we realize how much can be said with what we choose to wear, and what we choose not to wear. All articles of clothing are important mechanisms for identity and can say something more powerful and public than a painting or artifact inside a museum. The idea of being seen and being heard therefore goes hand and hand with clothing and each item created has the potential to influence the way people think and see the world. My goal therefore is to create artifacts that people can connect to emotionally and that tell a story. I see it as a lost opportunity to provoke thought if every piece of attire is not seen as a canvas to convey a message, which it will do regardless, when someone wears it.