What is JayDem?

My Name is Justin Mensinger, I am a photographer and designer from the Midwest. Growing up skating I naturally gravitated to clothing and shoes as a form to express myself along with music. Never being musically inclined, I was always creating and finding ways to put my mark on the world around me in other ways. Some of my earliest memories are creating ramps and jumps for my bike or skateboard, I even once made an entire skatepark out of cardboard for my tech decks when I was a kid. Business also always intrigued me as well. Coming from a middle class family as a kid and going through school in the US, I never really saw anyone try to make any dramatic changes to the world around them. It often seemed to me like things were the way that they were, and people just accepted that and lived within the boundaries others had created. The key piece of that last sentence is that other people had created this world I saw all of my family and friends living in. As I become aware of my environment and grew increasingly independent I began to realize I too can change the world, I do not have to accept what has been created by others as "reality". My mission it to bring awareness and therefore mental freedom to those who feel trapped in the box which is "reality". All things we know now as normal have been created by people who realized they had the power to forever alter the world in which we all live in. I believe we all have tremendous amounts of power and creativity inside of us that is deeply repressed due to our lack of confidence and ability to except temporary failure. No great achievement has ever been made without trial and error. It is our duty to contribute our passions and talents into a craft that can benefit others in a positive way, while also being rewarding to ourselves. If I can leave any mark on the world in which I live, I would like to leave here knowing that I positively impacted others and ended much of the pain and suffering people have dealt with for centuries due to their lack of support from others to follow their heart and achieve all they were meant to accomplish.