Justin Mensinger is an American born, Los Angeles based designer known for his focus on sustainability and acute craftsmanship.

Being brought up in the Midwest has had a major influence on Mensinger, inspiring him to use his hands and any resource available in order to create. Much like his grandparents which inspired the designer from a young age through  quilt making and handcrafted ingenuity, Mensinger has honed in on his ability to reuse, up cycle and reimagine any material he can get his hands on, turning discarded and ordinary materials into wearable works of art.


Working at the Goodwill and later at RSVP Gallery served to open Mensinger’s mind and illuminate the intersection between luxury street wear and vintage apparel. The juxtaposition of the designer’s experiences exposed him to high-end, tailored Japanese garments and truckloads of unwanted material. The combination of knowledge and resourcefulness from which Mensinger’s mission statement “From the Past, For the Future” was born.


Mensinger’s trajectory was substantially heightened by his victorious appearance on HBO Max’s The Hype, season one. As the winner of season one, Mensinger’s unique eye and attention to detail gained him international recognition, amplifying his message of sustainability with echos now being heard throughout the fashion world. With several brand deals under his belt and his continual expansive projects, Justin Mensinger is projected to become a powerhouse within the fashion and art worlds.